Supercharge Analytics with Saleforce

Facilitate smooth data migration to Salesforce CRM with EazyDI. What data can be loaded? EazyDI seamlessly moves diverse business data, including contacts, accounts, and leads, harnessing Salesforce’s powerful cloud capabilities for integration


Our Reliable Partners Leveraging EazyDI for Effective Data Centralization

Supercharge your data journey

Smoothly load diverse data into Saleforce with EazyDI in 3 simple steps, ensuring precision and control.


Versatile Source Selection!

Explore over 100+ diverse connections for seamless data movement tailored to you


Effortless Setup for Data Loading

Easily configure Saleforce as the target connector for streamlined data loading


Intuitive Mapping, Customized Success

Simplify source-to-target mapping with our app's intuitive features. Configure and schedule your pipeline for business needs.