EazyDI : Azure Data Fusion

Leveraging EazyDI for Azure Data Fusion streamlines processes, unlocks insights, and enhances competitiveness in today’s data-driven landscape.

Use Case: EazyDI Simplifies Azure Data Fusion

Problem Statement

Modern organizations grapple with consolidating and analyzing data from diverse sources, hindering decision-making. Integrating disparate data into Azure Database or Data Lake poses challenges that need efficient resolution.


Data Heterogeneity

Varied formats and structures complicate unifying data for analysis.


Coping with growing data volumes requires a solution capable of efficient large dataset handling.

Security and Compliance

Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards is vital, especially with sensitive data from multiple sources.


Data Integration

EazyDI streamlines diverse data for seamless Azure loading.


EazyDI efficiently manages growing data volumes, scaling horizontally for performance.

Security & Compliance

EazyDI ensures secure data transfer and storage with encryption and access controls.


Shopify, Quickbooks, Jira, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Excel, MariaDB, Asana.


Azure DataLake , Azure Cosmos MongoDB, Azure PostgreSQL,Azure MySQL.

Discover the Benefits

Centralized Data Management

Azure Database or Data Lake serves as a centralized repository, simplifying data governance, management, and accessibility.

Compliance and Security

EazyDI’s security features ensure data protection during transit and at rest, aiding compliance with regulatory requirements.

Scalability for Future Growth

EazyDI’s scalability supports organizational expansion and evolving data needs, adapting to growing data volumes.

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