Empowering Planning Excellence with EazyDI Integration at Moka Analytics

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Client: Moka Analytics

Industry: Software Analytics Company


Discover the seamless integration journey of Moka Analytics, a leading planning software provider that has strategically OEMed EazyDI. Moka Analytics empowers users to elevate their planning processes by seamlessly integrating external data. By leveraging EazyDI, Moka Analytics ensures a robust and user-friendly solution that enhances data-driven decision-making.

Business Challenge

Moka Analytics recognized the growing need for its users to incorporate external data seamlessly into their planning processes. The challenge was to provide a solution that allowed users to integrate diverse external data sources effortlessly, streamlining the planning experience. Manual integration processes were time-consuming and posed limitations in data accuracy.

EazyDI Solution

Moka Analytics partnered with EazyDI to OEM its powerful data integration capabilities. EazyDI’s integration solution seamlessly became a part of the Moka Analytics platform, allowing users to effortlessly integrate external data without the need for complex manual processes.


Unified Planning Ecosystem

EazyDI, seamlessly integrated into Moka Analytics, created a unified planning ecosystem. Users could now access and integrate external data within the familiar Moka Analytics environment.

Effortless External Data Integration

Moka Analytics users gained the ability to integrate external data sources effortlessly, breaking down silos and ensuring a holistic view for informed planning decisions.

User-Friendly Interface

EazyDI’s user-friendly interface seamlessly blended with Moka Analytics, allowing users to set up data integrations intuitively without requiring extensive technical expertise.

Real-time Data Updates

The integration provided by EazyDI enabled real-time updates, ensuring that users had access to the latest external data for accurate and up-to-date planning.

Enhanced Planning Accuracy

With EazyDI, Moka Analytics users experienced enhanced planning accuracy, as the integrated external data seamlessly contributed to the overall planning intelligence.


The collaboration between Moka Analytics and EazyDI resulted in:


Moka Analytics, by OEMing EazyDI, has successfully addressed the challenge of seamlessly integrating external data into its planning software. The partnership has empowered users to make data-driven decisions with confidence, ensuring a more comprehensive and accurate planning experience within the Moka Analytics platform.

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