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Industry: Online Instruction Platform


NeedInstructions.com, a prominent online platform, faced challenges in efficiently integrating and analyzing marketing data from various channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin Ads, and Pinterest. They sought a scalable and user-friendly solution to consolidate marketing data, gain valuable customer insights, optimize campaigns, and drive ROI. EazyDI’s SaSS ETL/ELT solution proved to be the ideal fit for transforming their marketing analytics.

Business Challenge

NeedInstructions.com encountered difficulties in obtaining a comprehensive view of marketing performance, as data from different platforms resided in silos. They needed a powerful tool to streamline data integration and enhance decision-making for marketing campaigns. The traditional approach required significant engineering resources and expertise, which limited their ability to access fresh data insights regularly.

EazyDI Solution

EazyDI’s SaSS ETL/ELT solution addressed the challenges faced by NeedInstructions.com, enabling seamless integration of marketing data into a cloud data warehouse. The implementation process was swift and required no code, empowering their marketing team to take control of data integration and analysis.


Unified Data Integration

EazyDI facilitated the integration of critical marketing data sources, including advertising channels, CRMs, email marketing platforms, and more. This unified approach allowed NeedInstructions.com to analyze data from different channels in a centralized location, enabling comprehensive insights.

No-Code Environment

With EazyDI, NeedInstructions.com’s marketing team could effortlessly set up data integration without the need for extensive engineering support. The intuitive interface allowed team members to focus on data analysis and marketing strategies.

Optimizing Marketing Funnel

EazyDI enabled the analysis of key performance metrics throughout the marketing funnel, such as time on site, click-through rate, cost per click, conversions, and customer acquisition cost. This empowered the team to refine marketing strategies and drive better outcomes.

Attribution Analysis

By combining data from ad platforms, email campaigns, and web analytics with an identity resolution platform, NeedInstructions.com accurately attributed a value to each interaction. This attribution analysis allowed them to understand the impact of various marketing efforts.

Comprehensive Campaign Insights

EazyDI,empowered NeedInstructions.com to identify campaigns and programs that delivered tangible results. Integrating marketing data with other sources provided a holistic view of campaign effectiveness and its impact on the overall business.


With EazyDI’s SaSS ETL/ELT solution, NeedInstructions.com achieved significant improvements in marketing analytics:


EazyDI revolutionized marketing analytics at NeedInstructions.com, enabling the team to leverage fresh data insights from diverse sources and drive impactful marketing strategies. By integrating marketing data seamlessly and centralizing it for analysis, NeedInstructions.com achieved superior campaign optimization, increased business growth, and enhanced customer experiences. With EazyDI’s SaSS ETL/ELT solution, NeedInstructions.com continues to thrive in the competitive digital landscape, delivering exceptional value to its users.

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