Revolutionizing Order Fulfillment with EazyDI at Petmate

Client: Petmate

Industry: Pet Products Manufacturer


Explore how Petmate, a global leader in pet products, harnessed the power of EazyDI to streamline its order fulfillment process. Petmate, known for manufacturing top-quality pet products under various renowned brands like Doskocil, Petmate, Aspen Pet, Dogzilla, Chuck it!, Fat Cat, and JW, faced the challenge of efficiently transmitting customer order information from Oracle to ensure the smooth initiation of the Pick, Pack, and Shipment Process. EazyDI emerged as the game-changer, enhancing Petmate’s order verification and fulfillment efficiency.

Business Challenge

Petmate’s expansive range of pet products, distributed both privately and under well-known brands, necessitated a seamless order verification process. The challenge lay in transmitting critical customer order information from Oracle to the business promptly. Manual methods were time-consuming and prone to errors, hindering the Pick, Pack, and Shipment Process.

EazyDI Solution

EazyDI stepped in to address Petmate’s challenge, providing a tailored solution for the swift transmission of customer order information. EazyDI’s data integration prowess streamlined the process, ensuring that orders seamlessly initiated the Pick, Pack, and Shipment Process.


Effortless Data Transmission

EazyDI facilitated the smooth and automated transmission of customer order information from Oracle, eliminating manual delays and reducing the risk of errors.

Real-time Order Verification

Petmate gained the ability to verify orders in real-time, ensuring that each order promptly started the Pick, Pack, and Shipment Process without delays.

Customized Integration

EazyDI provided Petmate with a customized integration strategy, aligning with their unique business processes and Oracle system requirements.

Data Accuracy Assurance

The automated integration process by EazyDI ensured the accuracy and consistency of customer order information, minimizing the possibility of errors in the fulfillment process.

Enhanced Fulfillment Efficiency

Petmate experienced improved efficiency in the Pick, Pack, and Shipment Process, resulting in faster order fulfillment and increased customer satisfaction.


Petmate’s utilization of EazyDI resulted in:


EazyDI revolutionized Petmate’s order fulfillment process, providing a seamless and automated solution for transmitting customer order information from Oracle. The tailored integration strategy ensured real-time order verification, contributing to Petmate’s commitment to delivering quality pet products efficiently and exceeding customer expectations.

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