Revolutionizing Revenue Operations with EazyDI at RevOpNow

Client: RevOpNow

Industry: Revenue Operations & Intelligence (RO&I) solutions


Embark on the journey of RevOpNow, a dynamic startup at the forefront of Revenue Operations & Intelligence (RO&I) solutions. RevOpNow has ingeniously incorporated EazyDI to seamlessly integrate customer data from platforms like QuickBooks, NetSuite, and leading CRM solutions such as Salesforce. This strategic partnership empowers RevOpNow to provide clients with a comprehensive and data-driven approach to revenue optimization.

Business Challenge

RevOpNow recognized the critical need to centralize and synchronize data from diverse sources such as financial platforms (QuickBooks, NetSuite) and CRM solutions (Salesforce). The challenge was to offer clients a unified platform for revenue operations that seamlessly integrates data, providing real-time insights without the hassle of manual data entry or multiple system logins.

EazyDI Solution

RevOpNow turned to EazyDI to address this challenge, leveraging its robust data integration capabilities. EazyDI became the backbone for RevOpNow’s integration strategy, facilitating the smooth flow of data from QuickBooks, NetSuite, Salesforce, and other sources into the RO&I platform. This ensured that clients could harness the full potential of RevOpNow’s services without the complexities of managing data silos.


Unified Data Integration

EazyDI seamlessly integrates data from QuickBooks, NetSuite, Salesforce, and other sources, creating a unified data landscape within the RevOpNow platform.

Real-time Data Synchronization

RevOpNow clients benefit from real-time data synchronization, ensuring that the information on the RO&I platform is always up-to-date and reflective of the latest business transactions.

Effortless Platform Onboarding

EazyDI simplifies the onboarding process for RevOpNow clients, enabling them to integrate their existing data sources without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Customizable Integration Workflows

RevOpNow, with EazyDI, tailors integration workflows to meet the specific needs of clients, accommodating variations in data formats and structures.

Enhanced Data Visibility

The integration solution enhances data visibility within the RO&I platform, providing clients with a holistic view of their revenue operations for more informed decision-making.


The collaboration between RevOpNow and EazyDI has yielded transformative outcomes:

Unified Data Landscape

EazyDI ensures that data from QuickBooks, NetSuite, Salesforce, and more seamlessly integrates within the RevOpNow platform.

Real-time Insights

Clients experience real-time data synchronization, empowering them with the latest insights for more agile and informed revenue operations.

Efficient Onboarding

EazyDI simplifies the onboarding process, allowing clients to integrate their data sources effortlessly, reducing implementation timelines.

Tailored Integration

Customizable integration workflows ensure flexibility, accommodating diverse data formats and structures unique to each client.

Informed Decision-Making

Enhanced data visibility within the RO&I platform enables clients to make data-driven decisions, optimizing revenue operations.


RevOpNow’s strategic use of EazyDI has revolutionized revenue operations, providing clients with a seamlessly integrated platform that harnesses the power of data from QuickBooks, NetSuite, Salesforce, and beyond. This collaboration exemplifies how EazyDI enhances the capabilities of startups like RevOpNow, propelling them toward success in the competitive landscape of revenue intelligence.

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