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Client: Pingahla Solutions

Industry: Data Management Services


Explore the success story of Pingahla, a distinguished system integrator partner that plays a pivotal role in onboarding and training new customers to harness the power of EazyDI within larger organizations. By collaborating seamlessly with EazyDI, Pingahla has become an instrumental force in driving adoption, training, and effective utilization of EazyDI’s advanced data integration capabilities.

Business Challenge

As organizations embraced EazyDI for their data integration needs, there arose a demand for expert guidance and seamless onboarding within larger enterprises. The challenge was to bridge the gap between EazyDI’s robust capabilities and the diverse needs of organizations, ensuring that users could maximize the platform’s potential. New customers needed a partner to navigate the complexities of implementation, training, and integration within their specific organizational contexts.

EazyDI Solution

Enter Pingahla – the strategic system integrator partner that seamlessly complements EazyDI’s offerings. By leveraging Pingahla’s expertise, new EazyDI customers gained a dedicated partner to facilitate smooth onboarding, training, and integration processes. EazyDI and Pingahla joined forces to provide a holistic solution, ensuring that organizations could derive maximum value from their data integration endeavors.


Expert Onboarding Assistance

Pingahla, as a system integrator partner, provides expert guidance during the onboarding process, ensuring that new customers seamlessly integrate EazyDI into their existing systems.

Tailored Training Programs

Understanding the unique needs of each organization, Pingahla tailors training programs to empower users with the skills needed to leverage EazyDI effectively.

Custom Integration Strategies

Pingahla collaborates closely with EazyDI to develop custom integration strategies, aligning the platform with the specific requirements and workflows of larger organizations.

Ongoing Support and Optimization

Beyond initial implementation, Pingahla offers ongoing support to optimize EazyDI usage, making adjustments based on evolving organizational needs and industry trends.

User Adoption Initiatives

Pingahla spearheads user adoption initiatives, ensuring that all stakeholders within the organization embrace EazyDI as an integral part of their data management and integration processes


The partnership between EazyDI and Pingahla has yielded significant outcomes:

Efficient Onboarding

New customers experience seamless onboarding, minimizing disruptions and accelerating the integration process.

Skilled User Base

Through tailored training programs, organizations boast a skilled user base, capable of maximizing EazyDI’s capabilities.

Custom Integration Success

Custom integration strategies developed by Pingahla ensure that EazyDI aligns perfectly with the unique workflows of each organization.

Continuous Optimization

Ongoing support from Pingahla ensures that EazyDI remains optimized, adapting to changing organizational needs for sustained success.


Pingahla, as a valued system integrator partner, enhances the EazyDI experience by providing expert onboarding, training, and integration services within larger organizations. The collaboration ensures that organizations not only adopt EazyDI seamlessly but also thrive in utilizing its capabilities to drive data integration excellence.

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