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EAZYDI Data Integration Change Log



Version 1.1.0

  1. When a user Signs-up, they are registered with FreeTrial as default, once they have an account and the free trial period expires, then they have an option to upgrade their license plan
  2. Added option for custom license tiers for special subscriptions without going through stripe and just configured in backend by support

It now accepts all special characters as suggested and is still marks it as required field


Job exception logs should be more descriptive

In Manage Page Screen , there was an overlapping Text Issue in Source and Target Connector Objects

When Google Sheet is used a target connector, pipeline is stuck on Target configuration page and does not go to Field Mapping page on click of Next Button


Version 1.0.0


Initial release of EAZYDI DataIntegration

  1. Standard Authentication Feature
  2. Manage Connection List (Create , Modify, View , Delete)
  3. Create data pipeline  to load data from Source System  to Target system
  4. Manage pipeline (Modify, Trigger, Delete, Track Run History)
  5. Configure Schedule and Automate Pipeline Job execution
  6. Monitor and track pipeline job execution status
  7. License Tier with renew and Upgrade feature 
  8. Invite users to the account as per License Plan
  9. Compute Usage of rows and time as per license plan selected
  10. User Setting ( User details , Reset Password)
  11. Enable and disable connector as per plan
  12. Send Email Notification for various scenarios
  13. Provide user with screen preference to switch between Daymode and Night Mode


Version XYZ

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